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These pages are reserved for those who have our dogs and would
 like to post their pictures, accomplishments, or just fun stuff. 
To share your dog with us, click here:

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Nicholas and Suzanne.JPG (77399 bytes)"Nicholas" - Alkarah's Warlock  CGC TDI OFA
(Ch Kismet's Freelance v Alkarah OFA 
ex Alkarah's Foolish Pleasure OFA - a Ch Michelob daughter)    
Owned by Suzanne Tamm
The photo above of Nicholas and Suzanne was published in Applause magazine (the National magazine of Mary Kay Inc.)  It lauded Suzanne and Nicholas' volunteer work as a therapy dog team with residents of the Hunterdon County Development Center. 



  "Jodi" Alkarah's Jodi of Tarrheim Jodi Elsie.jpg (37463 bytes) Jodi with Elsie
  (Sel Ch Breauhausen's Red October OFA ex Alkarah's Diamonique OFA)
Owned by Elsie Tarr of PA
Herb and Elsie Tarr of Tarrheim Kennels, were involved in the breed in the 1950's and 1960's.
They paid us a very nice complement by getting involved again, this time with one of our dogs.


"Heidi"  Schulhaus Shalimar of Alkarah
                                          (Alkarah's Black Tie Affair OFA  
                                              ex Schulhaus Anne Bolyn OFA)
                              Owned by the Tellefsen Family



"Paso"  Alkarah's Paso Doble
                                                                     (Am GV/Can Sel CH Tazzman's Aregon OFA
                                                                      ex CH Alkarah's The Dancing Queen OFA)

"Paso" is now living with Steven and Donna Temming


  "Daytona"  Von Torr's Daytona TC HICVon Torrs Daytona.jpg (24558 bytes)
(Ch Kismet's Freelance v Alkarah OFA  ex Belieben's Carmelita Jade TC)
Owned and presented by Tammy Torres of CT

Great photo of Daytona and Tammy's daughter Whitney
 on the magazine cover of "Dogs for Kids!"


"Jake"    Alkarah's Jake  
(Am Sel Ex/Can Sel Ch Keylis' The Big Red Dog TC OFA 
ex Ch Alkarah's Midnight Miracle OFA)
Owned by the Troso Family


"Max"    Alkarah's Max  
(Am Sel Exc / Can Sel  CH HiCliff Bronson Kaleef ROM OFA
            ex CH Alkarah's Call The Wind Mariah OFA)

Owned by the Van der Grift Family



"Niki"  Eagle Valleys Niki of Alkarah
(Ch Eagle Valley's Bully Boy ex Ch Amber's Allure)
Owned by Harry Walski


"Bruno"  Alkarah's Bruno
                                                                      (Ch Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady OFA 
                                                           ex Alkarah's Sadie II OFA)
Owned by Bill and Maria Wegner

Alkarah's Always On My Mind OFA
                                                   (CH Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady TC OFA
                                                      ex CH Alkarah's Tequila Sunrise OFA)

Nelson is now living with the Wegner's



"Kali"   Alkarah's Kaliope of Hollabird
                                 (Ch Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady OFA 
                                      ex Hollabird Gold Dust OFA)
Owned by Lori White
Alkarah's Sun King
Ozy & Kali        (BIS AOE Sel Ex/Can Sel CH Kismet's Sight for Sore Eyes TC PT ROM OFA
                                            ex Mein Schatz Mia Tai Alkarah OFA)


"Saffron" Alkarah's Saffron
(Ch Jim v Fiemereck SchHIII Kka 1 OFA
ex Alkarah's Back in the Saddle OFA)
 Owned by Yan Wilson of Canada 


 "Jax"   Alkarah's I Just Want to be King CGC CD
                                             (2x Am Sel Ex/2x Can Sel CH Keylis' The Big Red Dog TC OFA
                                                ex CH Alkarah's The Dancing Queen OFA)

            Owned by Terry Woltman



"Delilah" Monica's Ankara of Alkarah
                    (Alkarah's Sherman
                                           ex Alkarah's Joni Gabrielle OFA)
 Owned by the Worth family




"Otto" Alkarah's Shine On You Crazy Diamond
 Graduating from puppy school             (Alkarah's Bossa Nova                           
                                           ex Alkarah's That's What Love Is For)
 Owned by Amanda Wroten
 & Scott Rumpf



            "Luca"   Alkarah's Great Expectations CGC HIT RN TC Am/Can CD
                                                    (Alkarah's Black Tie Affair  OFA               
                                                        ex Alkarah's Crystelle CGC OFA
                                                      Owned by Suszanne & Steve Yenchik

Luca doing therapy work
"River"   Alkarah's River Card  River with Suszanne's grandchild 
                 (2x Am Sel Ex/2x Can Sel CH Keylis' The Big Red Dog TC OFA
ex Dayglyn's Praline n' Cream Alkarah)

Also owned by Suszanne & Steve Yenchik



 "Jill"   Alkarah's Cadbury                               
                                               (Am/Can Ch Alkarah's Michelob OFA              
                                         ex Bihari's Edelweiss v Alkarah's)

                                            Jill and Kelvin owned by Carol and Marty Zeldin

                                                             Alkarah's Chambord "Kelvin"
                                       (Alkarah's Maxmillian OFA              
                                                   ex Ch Alkarah's Mirabella of Cobert OFA)


"Rommel"Rommel.JPG (21002 bytes)Alkarah's Dakota
(Alkarah's Maximilian OFA ex Alkarah's Chantilly Lace OFA)   
Owned by Marlane and Al Zimmer of PA 

"Max" Alkarah's Mack The Knife
(Alkarah's Nicholas ex Eagle Valley's Nikiat Alkarah)   
Also owned by Marlane and Al Zimmer



"Jaeger" Jaeger.jpg (24390 bytes) Alkarah's Midnight Rambler 
(Ch Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady OFA
    ex Alkarah's Sadie II OFA - Ch Ace daughter)   

                    Owned by Phyllis and Joe Zindulis 

Latest photo of Jaeger 

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