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These pages are reserved for those who have our dogs and would
 like to post their pictures, accomplishments, or just fun stuff. 
To share your dog with us, click here:

(Click pictures to enlarge)

"Solo" & "Lotus" Alkarah's Solo Performance OFA         
                                                          (CH Kismet-Pinebuck Cowboy Logic OFA
                                                              ex Alkarah's Elle of Cobert OFA
                                 and her mom
Alkarahs Elle of Corbett OFA
                                                           (Am/Can GV Ch Proven Hill's Banker of Altana TC ROM OFA
                                                               ex Ch Cobert's Magnolia ROM OFA

Owned by Zalman Abramson of MD


"Sasha" Alkarah's Tosca                    

  (Ch Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady                          
                  ex  Sel Ch Woodhaven's In Search Of daughter)

sasha2.jpg (31032 bytes)

                                                Owned by Arlene Abrams  
       Ever see a picture of a dog sneezing?Sashasneeze.jpg (11895 bytes)Now you have!


                     (CH Alkarah's Rolo OFA
                          ex Alkarah's Layla of Karon OFA)
Owned by Marijo and Michael Adamczyk


"Sadie" Monica's Athena of Alkarah        
(Ch Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady OFA 
      ex Alkarah's Joni Gabrielle OFA)
Owned by Karen Adams, M.D. of Arizona

zack.jpg (22453 bytes)"Zack" - Alkarahs Zacharia of Margee 
(Sel Ch Eagle Valley's Merck v Somerset OFA ex
Margee's Helen of Troy Rohan OFA)
Owned by Albert and Rose Alayon


"Amica"  Alkarah's Amica  
                    (Am Sel Ex /Can Sel CH Keylis' The Big Red Dog TC OFA 
     ex CH Alkarah's The Dancing Queen OFA)
Owned by the Alessi Family


"Argos" Busy B's Argos of Alkarah  
(Ch Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady TC OFA 
     ex Busy B's Honey Girl Alexis PH)
Owned by Mike Alicia


"Mica"   Alkarah's Mica (with Olivia, Ryan, and buddy Blanca)
                                   (Ch Alkarah's Jailhouse Rock OFA  
                                              ex Alkarah's Flawless OFA)
Owned by Leslie and Michael Alva of California



"Fergie" Fergie.JPG (148168 bytes) Alkarah's Forget-Me-Not CDX TC HIT CGC TDI 
(Sel Ch Kismet's Heart Throb ROM OFA ex Bihari's Edelweiss v Alkarah)

"Cody" Alkarah's Nevada CD TC CGC HT Cody Veteran.JPG (252377 bytes)            
(Alkarah's  Maximilian OFA ex Alkarah's Chantilly Lace)
Cody (at 9 1/2!) and Marie at the GSDCA 2002 National           Cody and Marie at the GSDCA 2000 National

Fergie, Cody, and now Major are owned by Marie and Ed Anderson

"Major" Alkarah's American Soldier CDX




"Napoleon" "Sadie" "Ruby" and "Cory" Nap Sadie Ruby.jpg (63013 bytes)(Owned by Madeline Anderson)

Alkarah's Napoleon CD (Ch Pinebuck-Kismet Cowboy Logic OFA
                                                                       ex Alkarah's Elle of Cobert OFA)

Alkarah's Back in the Saddle CGC (Ch Pinebuck-Kismet Cowboy Logic OFA
                                                      ex Alkarah's Ruby CD OFA)

Ruby Alkarah's Ruby CD OFA (Ch Kismet's Gold Rush OFA
                                                                                         ex Alkarah's Diamond of Cobert OFA)

 Alkarah's Coriander TC NAP NJP UD  "Cory"
(Am Ch/Can Sel VA Jim v Fiemereck SchHIII Kk1a OFA
                                                                           ex Alkarah's Back in the Saddle CGC)

 "Remy"   Alkarah's Remember September RN 
(CH Eagle Valley's Pfizer OFA                                        
                                                          ex Alkarah's Ruby  CD OFA)                                     
Remy is also owned by Madeline Anderson



"Freddie"   Alkarah's Freddie of BoHem
                                        (Ch Kismet's Danger Zone OFA 
                                                          ex BoHem's One Red Rose Alkarah OFA)
Owned by Lucille and Paul Anderson

"Sam" Sam.JPG (17779 bytes) Alkarah's Titan
(Ch Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady OFA 
      ex Darkay's Sami of Alkarah OFA)
Owned by Jim and Kamila Angiuli

  Von Rolf Makena of Alkarah lukas.jpg (33159 bytes) "Lukas"
    (Alkarah's Maximilian OFA ex Bihari's Maggie)
    Owned by Gary Applebaum

"Vaska" Schulhaus Sir Lancelot
 (Glynlane's Sage of Schulhaus - an Alkarah's Maximilian son 
   ex Alkarah's Bewitched Schulhaus OFA)
Owned by Andrew and Tricia April 
daughter Bryn and "Lita" - Schulaus Eternity Alkarah
                                                                                (Alkarah's Black Tie Affair
                                                                                            ex Ch Schulhaus Anne Boleyn)


 "Zeus" Alkarah's Zeus of Hollabird   
                                          (Ch Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady TC OFA 
                                             ex Hollabird Gold Dust OFA)
               Owned by the Arana family


"Duke" Alkarah's The Duke
(Ch Alkarah's Jailhouse Rock        
ex Alkarah's Marquis von Prez)
Owned by the Aronsons

Visit Duke's website: Dogster :: A Walk Through The Dog Park


  Hollabird Caesar of Alkarah "Caesar"
  (CH Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady TC OFA
      ex Hollabird Gold Dust OFA)
                                     Owned by the Aulicino family

"Duke" Alkarah's Duke
(Ch Alkarah's Ace of Spades Kismet OFA
ex Mein Schatz Mai Tai Alkarah OFA)
Owned by the Avalos Family

  Alkarah's Havoc "Havoc"
 (CH Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady TC OFA
        ex Eagle Valley's Nikita Alkarah OFA)
 Owned by Margaret Marrano and Peter Aweeky

"K-9 Jack"
at home                                       at work
                           K9 Jack.JPG (40009 bytes)
With young Craig Bahrs and Hamlet        With Patrolman Craig Bahrs at work

The photo at right was featured in the Middletown, NJ newspaper article 

There's A New Cop on the Beat in Middletown
Jack is (Ch Alkarah's Rolo OFA
                             ex Misty von Rolf Alkarah OFA)

A"Simba" Simba.JPG (22103 bytes) Alakarah's Atacama Stone Meadow 
(Ch Kismet-Pinebuck Cowboy Logic OFA               
 ex Ch Alkarah's the Tempest CD,TT,TDI,CGC,OFA
Owned by the Balestrieri family

"Bella"  Busy B's Bella of Alkarah
(Ch Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady TC OFA 
     ex Busy B's Honey Girl Alexis PH)
Owned by the Barbieri family


 A"Oscar" Schulaus Oscar of Alkarah
                                                         (Alkarah's Black Tie Affair                                           
ex Ch Schulhaus Anne Boleyn)                              
    Owned by the Barton family     

Oscar on a calendar cover                             


 "Fenway" Monika's Breckenridge of Alkarah
                          At home          (Alkarah's Black Tie Affair OFA                       At work
                                                   ex Alkarah's Joni Gabrielle OFA)       (guarding the drugstore)
        Owned by the Bellitti family


"Dallas" DallasOverJump3.jpg (35472 bytes) Alkara's Carrera of Cobert UD OFADallasOverJump1.jpg (19942 bytes) 
  (Alkarah's Maximilian OFA                                                          
ex Ch Cobert's Magnolia ROM OFA)                                         
Owned by
(Karin's brother) Rolf and his wife June Benninghoven

Lexi Chelsea April.jpg (58197 bytes) "Lexi" - Busy B's Honey Girl Alexis PH (center)
A Ch Alkarah's Rolling Stone Cobert CD OFA daughter, 
out of Busy B's Captivating Chelsea CD PH (left)  
out of Busy's B's April Shower CD OFA (right)
All the girls are owned by Barbara Bernard

"Tucker" Westwind's Tucker of Alkarah
(Ch Kismet-Pinebuck Cowboy Logic OFA 
ex Alkarah's Diamond Lil CGC TDI OFA)

Tucker and Lexus 2008

Tucker and Lexus are owned by Ken Bohnec of CT  

(Lexus and Tucker)                                                                   

"Lexus" Alkarah's Lexus of Westwind            
(Ch Alkarah's Double Trouble OFA                 
ex Westwind's Sprite of Alkarah's CGC OFA)


"Teddy" Alkarah's Woodsy Hollow's Teddy Tan Paws  
(Ch Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady TC OFA 
     ex Alkarah's Woodsy Ahna OFA)
Owned by the Boillotat family


"Hank"Hank e panky.jpg (31332 bytes) Melico's Hank E Panky
(Ch Heller ex Belcani's Suzy B) 
Owned and bred by Diane Borneman



"Luke"  Alkarah's Walk Like A Man
        (Ch Alkarah's For Your Entertainment OFA 
                  ex Alkarah's Reflection OFA) 
Owned by Jim and Annette Botti




"Bayli"  Alkarah's Pave Von Prez
        (Sel Ch Kismet's Heart Throb ROM OFA 
                  ex Alkarah's Amy Grant CGC TDI OFA) 
Owned by Ginger and Phillip Brady


Sami" - Darkay's Sami of Alkarah sami trim.JPG (20659 bytes)
(Ch Alkarah's Ace of Spades Kismet OFA         Owned by Mike Brown
ex Darkay's Hy Hope CD,CGC,TDI, HITC,TT,OFA)

"Atlas" CH Alkarah's St. Valentine's Atlas
(Sel Ch Kismet's Heart Throb ROM OFA 
                                              ex Alkarah's Diamond OFA)    
                                                   Owned by Gladi Brumby of Muttontown, NY


Charlie Burdo.JPG (35702 bytes)"Charlie" - Alkarah's Charlie of Mar-Gee
(Sel Ch Eagle Valley's Merck v Somerset OFA 
ex Mar-Gee's Helen of Troy Ronan OFA)    
Owned by the Burdo family


"Scout" Alkarah's Love You Out Loud
(CH Alkarah's Cosmopolitan OFA         
ex Alkarah's Love Me Tender OFA)  
Owned by the Heather and Tommy Burrell  


  Photos of the photogenic "Chase"   chase4.jpg (50786 bytes)   
Alkarah's Esquire of Cobert  (Litter brother to Ch Stoney)           
   Sent by owner Betty Burkhard of Maryland 

                       All American Boy                         Chase's Holiday photo taken by Betty            
                                                                                          displayed on our home page after Thanksgiving    


"Timber" Alkarah's Renaissance                   
                                        (Alkarah's Maximilian OFA                                               
                                            ex Janry's Jetta v Sharashe                                             

Timber and Sierra owned by Annie and Doug Butterworth

                   "Sierra"  Alkarah's Sierra
                                                              (Alkarah's Baloo II 
                                                                         ex Ra-Chel's Rose' Kes


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