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These pages are reserved for those who have our dogs and would
 like to post their pictures, accomplishments, or just fun stuff. 
To share your dog with us, click here:

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"Gunny" Busy B's Semper Fi
(Ch Alkarah's Rolling Stone Cobert CD OFA 
   ex Busy B's Captivating Chelsea CD PH)
Owned by Sue Sacco of PA 



Ears are up! "Kai"   Alkarah's Mai Kai
                                                                            (Sel Am/Can HiCliff Bronson Kaleef ROM OFA
                                                                            ex CH Alkarah's Tequila Sunrise OFA)

   Owned by the Sagula family  

Kai with buddy Kona        Kai and family 



"Skye" Monika's Helsinki of Alkarah
Skye and daughter Corrine       (Alkarah's Sherman of BoHem 
 ex Alkarah's Joni                 
Owned by the Saliski family 


"Bailey"   Alkarah's Bailey
                                             (CH Pinebuck's Rhodes to Victory OFA
                                                  ex Schulhaus Sunny Escape Alkarah OFA)
   Owned by the Sauchelli family         


"Harley"   Alkarah's Jumpin Jack Flash
                                                       (CH Alkarah's Double Trouble
                                                                                      ex Westwind's Raina of Alkarah CGC TDI OFA)
   Owned by the Saul family         

"Jazz" Alkarah's All That Jazz of Hollabird
(Ch Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady TC OFA 
   ex Hollabird Gold Dust OFA)
Owned by the Sameroff family 


"Zena"- Alkarah's Mayflower "Nero"- Monica's Adonis of Alkarah
    (Ch Kismet Freelance Alkarah OFA                              (Ch Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady OFA           
                   ex Sel Ch Woodhaven's In Search Of daughter)                   ex Alkarah's Joni Gabrielle OFA)                         
Owned by Sharon and Mark Santiso



"Evah" Alkarah's Greatest Love Of All
                        CH Alkarah's For Your Entertainment                               
                                               ex CH Alkarah's That's What Love Is For                     

    Owned by Marion Satterthwaite                      


"Marco" Alkarah's Storm Warming
                                             Am GV Sel Ex /Can Sel CH Mar Havens And The Beat Goes On TC OFA
                                               ex CH Alkarah's Midnight Miracle OFA

    Owned by the Bill Savage family


Apollo and his new "sister" Savanna "Apollo" apollo.jpg (26242 bytes) Alkarah's Apollo                    
(Ch Kismet's Freelance v Alkarah OFA  
 ex Misty v Rolf Alkarah OFA)
Apollo and Savanna grown up
  Schulhaus Savanna of Alkarah "Savanna"
(Alkarah's Black Tie Affair OFA                        
ex Ch Schulhaus Anne Boleyn OFA)             

Owned by Joann and Bobby Savage of Brooklyn, NY


"Sandy" Alkarah's Buttercup   
(Ch Alkarah's Double Trouble
        ex Alkarah's Marquis v Prez)
Owned by the Saxton family


"Millie" Alkarah's Sweetheart   
(Ch Alkarah's Rolo OFA           
        ex Alkarah's Harpers Bazaar OFA)
Owned by the Selvitelli family

"Ranger" - Ranger.jpg (123572 bytes)Alkarah's Frangelico CGC CD   
(Alkarah's Maximilian
   ex Ch Alkarah's Mirabella of Cobert)
Owned by Melody Schaeffer of MD





"Havoc" Alkarah's Havoc of Hollabird CD RAE HT AXP OJP NFP TC
(Ch Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady TC OFA 
   ex Hollabird Gold Dust OFA)
Owned by Judy Sheaffer 


Murphy" Mein Schatz Murphy of Alkarah
(CH Alkarah's Ace of Spades Kismet OFA
    ex Mein Schatz Norgay)
Owned by the Shevlin family



 "Max" Alkarah's Maxwells Plum
                                (CH Alkarah's Ace of Spades Kismet OFA
                          ex Alkarah's Elle of Cobert OFA)

                Max & Bubbles owned by Anita Schmidt

"Bubbles" Alkarah's Power Puff Bubbles
                                (CH Alkarah's Double Trouble OFA
                                    ex Alkarah's Marquis Von Prez)

Bubbles and her kids

Left to right. Top: Bubbles, Romeo, Max
Bottom:  Teeco, Philadelphia, Freedom, Bravo

"Bravo" Alkarah's Prize Package CGC, RN, BN 
      (Alkarah's Diamond Rio                    
       ex Alkarah's Power Puff Bubbles)
Bravo is also owned by Anita Schmidt


"Kira" BIS Champion Rowland's Cure For Love OFA 
Alkarah's Silent Night Kismet (Ch Stoney ex Ch Roulette)     
                         bred to BIS Ch Kismet's Sight For Sore Eyes ROM OFA (Garth's litter brother)

Echo, Kira and Macey all owned by Betsy Scott

  Alkarah's Silent Night Kismet HIC ROM OFA echo.jpg (36635 bytes) "Echo"
 (Ch Alkarah's Rolling Stone Cobert OFA ex  Ch Kismet-Landmark's Roulette OFA)
  Mother of Ch Rowland's Cure for Love and Rowlands In the Name of Love

"Macey"  Champion Rowland's In The Name of Love 
Alkarah's Silent Night Kismet (Ch Stoney ex Ch Roulette)     
                         bred to BIS Ch Kismet's Sight For Sore Eyes ROM OFA

                             Macey in motion


"Kaiser" Alkarah's Kaiser
(Alkarah's Nicholas                    
    ex Alkarah's Love Me Tender)
Owned by the Seidel family

"Maxie" Alkarah's Maxima
(CH Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady TC OFA
    ex Alkarah's Love Me Tender)
Owned by Melanie Selk

 "Magnus" Monica's Dublin of Alkarah
(Alkarah's Sherman of Bohem OFA
 ex Alkarah's Joni OFA
 Owned by Bill and Fiona Shapiro




"Sheba" Alkarah's Gypsy Rose Bomar
(BIS AOE Sel Ex /Can Sel CH Kismet's Sight for Sore Eyes TC PT ROM OFA
ex Alkarah's Crystelle CGC OFA)
Owned by the Sherbany family


lucy.jpg (54512 bytes) "Lucy" - Alkarah's Artic Stone Meadow
(Ch Kismet-Pinebuck Cowboy Logic OFA               
 ex Ch Alkarah's the Tempest CD,TT,TDI,CGC,OFA
 Owned by Don and Anne Marie Sherman

turner.jpg (24354 bytes)
 "Turner" - Alkarah's Turning Point
  (Ch Kismet-Pinebuck Cowboy Logic OFA 
ex Alkarah's Ruby CD OFA)
  Owned by Alice Shulte  

Duke.JPG (25168 bytes) "Duke" - V Rolf Merlot Alkarah 
(Ch Alkarah's Ace of Spades Kismet OFA ex Alkarah's Misty Von Rolf OFA)    
Owned by Leslie and Dennis Smalls 



"Dakota"   Alkarah's Dakota 
(Ch Alkarah's Cosmopolitan
ex Ch Alkarah's Midnight Miracle OFA)    
Owned by Barry Smith 



"Scarlet" Scarlet trim.jpg (50135 bytes) Champion Alkarah's Scarlet O'Hara  
                                                                  (Am Ch/Can Sel Ch VA Jim v Fiemereck SchHIII 1a OFA 
ex Alkarah's Diamond of Cobert OFA)
(Owned by Dan Smith and Marilyn Rossi) 
Visit Dan and Marilyn's website
Darby Dan Shepherds


"Aspen" aspen.jpg (54393 bytes) Alkarah's Echoes of Love
                      (as a puppy)     (Sel Ch Kismet's Heart Throb ROM OFA       (With buddy Justin)                 
               ex Alkarah's Diamond of Cobert OFA)               
(waiting to play tennis)
Aspen tennis player.JPG (33634 bytes) Aspen_basketball.jpg (10122 bytes)(or basketball)
Owned by Steve, Renata, and Justin Smith of Illinois


  "Carter" Alkarah's From Here to Eternity
(Alkarah's Black Tie Affair                                                  
  ex Alkarah's Crystelle CGC OFA)                                   

Owned by Sue and John Smith                                                       


   ( With "sisters")                             (With "sister" Jessee)                                                                         
"Max" Alkarah's Maximum Thyme
                  (Am Ch/Can Sel VA Jim vom Fiemereck SchHIII kkl1a OFA
                      ex Alkarah's Back in the Saddle OFA)                    

Owned by the Sollecito Family


 "Dakota" Alkarah's Dakota 
                                              (CH Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady TC OFA
ex Alkarah's Love Me Tender OFA)    
Owned by the Soltz family 



 "Marlee" Alkarah's Marlee               
 (Am Sel Ex / Can Sel CH Keylis the Big Red Dog TC OFA
      ex Alkarah's Solo Performance OFA)    
                      Owned by Jennifer Statler 



 "Tara" Alkarah's Miss Scarlett of Tara 
 (CH Alkarah's All American                          
ex Dayglyn's Praline n Cream Alkarah)    
Owned by the Staub family    


 "Wyatt" Alkarah's Escalade  with buddy Cricket
                                        (CH Alkarah's Double Trouble OFA
                                            ex Westwind's Sprite of  Alkarah CGC OFA)    
            Owned by the Stein family


 "Ultra" Alkarah's Ultraviolet CGC               
                                              (Am GV Sel Ex / Can Sel CH WAyside's Honky Tonk Man ROM OFA
ex Alkarah's Remember September RN)    
Owned by Ray Sterner                                                    



"Shane"   Schulhaus King Arthur Shane.JPG (58957 bytes)
(Glynlane's Sage of Schulhaus - an Alkarah's Maximilian son 
  ex Alkarah's Bewitched Schulhaus OFA)
  Owned by The Sternberg Family


"Libby"   Champion Alkarah's Lady Liberty ROM Libby as a puppy with Revonne
(BIS AOE Sel Ex/Can Sel CH Kismet's Sight for Sore Eyes TC PT ROM OFA 
  ex Mein Schatz Mai Tai Alkarah ROM OFA)

  Owned by Revonne Storer of Indiana


"Chip"   Champion Alkarah's All American
                                              (BIS AOE Sel Ex /Can Sel CH Kismet's Sight for Sore Eyes TC PT ROM OFA
                                                ex Mein Shatz Mai-Tai Alkarah ROM OFA)

    Chip lives in the United Kingdom with his owner
     Nina Strange of STRCO German Shepherds


"Jesse Tiffany" Jesse frisbee.jpg (32853 bytes) Alkarah's Tiffany of CobertJesse pool.JPG (39614 bytes)
                                        (Alkarah's Maximilian OFA ex Ch Cobert's Magnolia ROM OFA)

Owned by the Stransky family

"Colby" (and Jesse)  
Alkarah's Carolina
(CH Alkarah's Ace of Spades Kismet OFA       
ex Mein-Schatz Mai-Tai Alkarah ROM OFA)


                  (T-Jay laughing at Joe's joke)

 "T-Jay" Alkarah's T-Jay 
                                              (CH Kismet's Danger Zone OFA
                                                   ex Mein-Schatz Mai-Tai Alkarah ROM OFA)    
              Owned by the Joe Swasey 

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