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This page is designed to be a useful resource for our Alkarah family.  
If you have suggestions, or links that would be of interest, please let us know.

Emergency Links
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National Animal Poison Control Center

Pet Poison Guide

List of Emergency Dog Links

The Basics

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                                                  Translated version of


Recommended trainer in Hunterdon County


Veterinary & Health Links

Excellent site.  
Home page can be personalized to provide the latest
veterinary information specifically related to your dog.

One of the best veterinary information sites on the web. 
Also sells dog products.


Free newsletter in your email

Monthly news magazine of Veterinary information    


American Veterinary Medical Association

Net Vet Veterinary Resources

Alternative Veterinary Medicine

Healthcare Information

"Virtual" Veterinary Center
Unbelievable amount of information! Very technical.

The two primary dog show superintendents we use:
(a wealth of dog show information) 


 A collection of all the best links on the web for various types of dog sports and activities
Canine Shows and Activities


For dog related books
 (and lots more) 

In Association with

Online dog magazines:

Canine Chronicle

(Dog Owners Guide)

Dog Fancy
(Dog Fancy's popular dog series "German Shepherds"
includes an article about Alkarah) 

Dog News

Dog World

Good dog


especially for

Great site for children from the AKC
Kids Korner

Tricks that children can enjoy teaching their dog
(plus lots of other "kids and dogs" stuff)


An animal care activity section for children


Some common sense suggestions
Kids and dogs: Safety First

More Doggie Related Links 


 A wealth of information 
(Offers a free dog care newsletter delivered to your email address)      

Pet Education

Excellent weekly guide to the best of the web about dogs:
(Offers a free subscription delivered to your email address)

Straight Poop

More information
(Another free newsletter delivered to your email address)

The Peeing Post

Training methods of the Monks of New Skete
Dogs Best Friend

Huge list of dog owner's articles
Dog Owner's Guide

One of the largest and most popular canine websites
Dog Patch

Over 1,000 links to dog-related web sites of all kinds:
Working Dog Web

Free Dog Related "Stuff"
(Just one of the many links of Working Dog Web above)

Free Stuff

Recently redesigned index site with something for everyone
Dog Infomat

Excellent source of information
(A suggested site from Straight Poop above) 

Pet Education

A comprehensive site on dog training and behavior 
(The most referred to training link on our site!)

Dr. P's Dog Training

Another comprehensive site which includes chat
Pet Care Forum

Site offers free website hosting 
I Love Dogs

Interesting free pedigree generator
(you provide the names)

Sit Stay

Site offers Dogmail free e-mail

Virtual Dog Greeting Cards and Postcards
(Despite it's strange URL the site has bunches of links)


From PBS - It's a Dog's Life: 
(Tips that no dog owner can do without -- some with accompanying video clips) 


Internet Information Source for Pet Lovers
(includes links to state specific information)

Pet Net

Go Places With Your Dog that are
Dog Friendly

Pet travel
Pet Friendly Hotels - Hotel Rooms

Links to sites voted as the top 100
Visit Top 100 Pet Sites
Dogomania Top Sites

You knew there had to be a site called
The Poop

 An organization that does important work


If you have a favorite dog related website that you would 
like to share with our Alkarah family, please let us know.

Thanks to Madeline Anderson

Problem solving and dog training supplies


Thanks to Mike Herrera:

Veterinary Information for Dog Owners
(includes an Alphabetical Index and a Veterinary Medical Encyclopedia)

Vet Info

Animal CPR
(It would make sense to be familiar with the CPR procedure prior to a real need) 


Thanks to Greg Forsythe:

A guide to traveling with your dog 
(including which hotels and motels welcome dogs)

Pets Welcome


Other Links


(as a puppy)  "Barney"  (grown up)     

"Hey, these aren't German Shepherd Dogs!"

Right!  This is Baxter and Barney, both golden retrievers.  
Baxter unfortunately passed on recently and now
Barney will have to carry on at
WPD Corp  
the great host of the Alkarah website. 

  Pay Jay a visit at:


Pay a visit to our neighbor
(click the bear cub picture)

For the use of the Calvin and Hobbes animations,
their creator has asked for a link to their great site. Sooooo.........Click on Hobbes!

Not dog related, but useful

The weather forecast
(It's set for our house, but you can change it) 


Reverse phone number lookup, email, maps, etc. 

Zip Code lookup

Great site:

(From my own experience, the best prices and service.  What else is needed?)
(Click the banner)

...and for those who can relate: