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These pages are reserved for those who have our dogs and would
 like to post their pictures, accomplishments, or just fun stuff. 
To share your dog with us, click here:

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"Summer" Alkarah's Summer 
                                        (Alkarah's Sherman of BoHem OFA         
                                          ex Alkarah's Back in the Saddle CGC OFA)
             Owned by the Majewski family

"Kaiser" Alkarah's The King & I Bomar
(BIS AOE Sel Ex /Can Sel CH Kismet's Sight for Sore Eyes TC PT ROM OFA
ex Alkarah's Crystelle CGC OFA)

Kaiser and Kara are now with the Maloney family

"Kaiser" and "Kara" "Kara" Alkarah's Bomar of Westwind
 (CH Alkarah's Double Trouble OFA
ex Alkarah's Sprite of Westwind)

The Maloney children  
Stephen, "Jack," Elizabeth, and Andrew 
("Jack" is Ritterhof's Deal Me An Ace -
Ch Alkarah's Ace of Spades Kismet 
     ex Ch Alkarah's The Tempest CD)


Lucca and grandson Nicholas 2004                        Lucca and grandson Nicholas 2003
" Monica's Oslo of Alkarah 
(Alkarah's Sherman of Bohem OFA                        
    ex Alkarah's Joni OFA)                       
Owned by Fran Marcello                                      


"Vickie"  Westwind's Jenny Lind of Alkarah
                                        (Ch Kismet-Pinebuck Cowboy Logic OFA
                                    ex Alkarah's Diamond Lil CGC OFA) 
                              Owned by Rick and Anne Marek


Confirms her name "Beautiful Trouble." 
"Ava" - Mein Schatz Bella Avaria 
Ava.JPG (36172 bytes)
(Ch Kismet-Pinebuck Cowboy Logic OFA 
    ex Mein Schatz Molly Scarlet OFA) 

Ava and Yogi Bear owned by the Martino family

"Yogi Bear
" Busy B's Yogi Bear Alkarah 
(Ch Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady TC OFA 
    ex Busy B's Honey Girl Alexis OFA) 


  "Cleo" Alkarah's She Loves Me of Bomar  
                                      (BIS Am/Can Sel CH Kismet's Sight for Sore Eyes TC HIT ROM OFA
                                           ex Alkarah's Crystelle CGC OFA)
                             Owned by the Masiello family



 "Kona" Mast.JPG (15784 bytes) Busy Bee's Kona of Alkarah
(Ch Alkarah's Ace of Spades Kismet OFA 
                                  ex Busy Bee's Honey Girl Alexis OFA - a Ch Heller daughter)    
Owned by Arlese and Greg Mast             

"Sara Lee"Sara-Lee-circle.jpg (17734 bytes) Woodside Farms Sara Lee of Alkarah 
                                                (Ch Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady ex Tanni van Contra)
                                                 Owned by Liz Maurer


"Gretta" Alkarah's Gretta 
                                                (CH Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady TC OFA
                                    ex Carma's Bonnie Tara OFA)
                                                 Owned by the McCarthy family


"Harry" Alkarah's Nevada
                (Ch Alkarah's Ace of Spades Kismet OFA
                            ex Mein Schatz Mai Tai Alkarah OFA)
                Owned by the McClellan Family


"Stella" Alkarah's Stella Dora
                (Alkarah's Jailhouse Rock
                            ex Eagle Valley's Nikita Alkarah OFA)
                Owned by the McDermott Family


"Kobe" kobe.jpg (18631 bytes) Alkarah's Sonoran Stone Meadow kobe2.JPG (18523 bytes)                                
(Ch Kismet-Pinebuck Cowboy Logic OFA       Kobe growing up                              
   ex Ch Alkarah's the Tempest CD TT TDI CGC NA OFA)                                      

Kobe, Jett, and Mickey owned by the McFadden family     Jett and Kobe more grown up
         "Jett" (in the middle
Kobe Jett Ally.jpg (77116 bytes)  Busy B's Jetta of Alkarah              
with Kobe and Ally)  (Ch Alkarah's Ace of Spades Kismet OFA 
                                  ex Busy Bee's Honey Girl Alexis OFA)

 "Mickey"   Alkarah's Excalibur                          
  (CH Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady TC OFA 
                                  ex Alkarah's Love Me Tender)

"Dakota" Daytona-head.jpg (31834 bytes)  Alkarah's Young Love                  
            (Sel Ch Kismet's Heart Throb ROM OFA  
           ex Alkarah's Diamond of Cobert OFA) 
Owned by Pat and Joe McNulty of Vermont
 With daughter Patty McNulty, and best friend "Mallie"
Daytona.jpg (74195 bytes)



 "Zander" Alkarah's He's So Fine Zander as a puppy
(Alkarah's Nicholas                                 
                                  ex Alkarah's Love Me Tender OFA)
Owned by Cathy Mekula   
Zander grown up
 Zander and Emi 





"Tux" Tux1.JPG (62761 bytes) Alkarah's Black Tie Affair CGC OFA
BIS AOE Sel Ex/Can Sel CH Kismet's Sight for Sore Eyes TC PT ROM OFA
ex Alkarah's Ruby CGC CD OFA

Tux's Pedigree
Tux is now living (well) with Madeline and Don Menzel

(show pose)


"Ziva" Monica's Phoenix of Alkarah
                (CH Alkarah's Diamond Jim Bradyu TC OFA
                              ex Alkarah's Layla OFA)
                Owned by the Mercardante Family



"Ranie" Ranie.jpg (43331 bytes) Westwind's Raina of Alkarah TDI CGC Ranie sleep.jpg (18644 bytes)  
 (Ch Kismet-Pinebuck Cowboy Logic OFA                        
ex Alkarah's Diamond Lil CGC OFA)                         
 Owned by the Miller family


"Devlyn" Alkarah's Devlyn By The Shore RN CD CGC TDI
                (Am GV Sel /Can Sel Wayside's Honky Tonk Man ROM OFA
                              ex CH Alkarah's MIdnight Miracle OFA)
                Owned by Mary Minnich



                Alkarah's  Bismark Killian Bismark.jpg (74735 bytes) Alkarah's Killian Red                                  
(Ch Alkarah's Rolling Stone Cobert CD OFA      (Am Ch/Can Sel VA Jim vom Fiemereck SchHIII Kk 1a OFA
 ex Sel Ch Woodhaven's In Search Of daughter)     ex Alkarah's Diamond of Cobert OFA)
BismarkKillianDrawing.jpg (97808 bytes)Artist's rendition of Killian and Bismark
                          The artist (Jenna Morogiello) and one of her subjects (Bismark)
Jenna&Bismark.jpg (60559 bytes)

Two great friends of Alkarah in Bermuda
Robert Trew known as "Mr. German Shepherd" in Bermuda (calls Karin "Moms") 
  and Danny Morogiello (owner of Bismark and Killian) on vacation.

Dog joke for Danny                danny.jpg (25654 bytes)Danny's baseball card
                          Pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles in 
                             the 1983 World Series. (They won!)   



torrie.jpg (21604 bytes) "Torrie" - Alkarah's Victoria of Cobert GCG TD OFA               
  (Am/Can GV Ch Proven Hill's Banker of Altana TC ROM OFA 
     ex Ch Cobert's Magnolia ROM OFA)
               Sent by owner Sally Mobley of Oregon

Torrie groom.jpg (54478 bytes)with groomers Mitch & Samantha

  "Ru"   Int CH Alkarah's Ruach of Hollabird CGC RN RA   
  (CH Alkarah's Diamond Jim Brady TC OFA 
     ex Hollabird Gold Dust OFA)
               Also owned by Sally Mobley

The Mobley family with              Ru, Melody and Sally
Alkarah's Unchained Melody and Ru                                                  




"Reflection" Alkarah's Reflection  with buddy Gallant
                                            (Alkarah's Always On My Mind            
                                             ex Ch Alkarah's Call The Wind Mariah OFA)
                                                 Owned by the Moldoff family


            Son Brady and "Max"
"Max" Alkarah's Wild Thing 
                                            (CH Alkarah's For Your Entertainment            
                                             ex Alkarah's That's What Love Is For)
                                                 Owned by Dawn and Rich Moore



"Storm" Schulhaus Mufasa of Alkarah 
                                            (Alkarah's Black Tie Affair OFA            
                                             ex Ch Schulhaus Anne Boleyn OFA)
                                                 Owned by Jean and Bill Morrison


"Bailey"  Westwinds's Corvette of Alkarah CGC TDI
(Alkarah's Sherman of BoHem OFA prelim            
                                                    ex Alkarah's Diamond Lil CGC TDI OFA)

(K9 SAR Tech III certified)
             Owned by Steph Motschiedler of MD



"Dolly"  Alkarah's Amaretto
BIS AOE Sel Ex/Can Sel CH Kismet's Sight for Sore Eyes TC PT ROM OFA
ex Mein-Schatz Mai-Tai Alkarah

Owned by Gigi Muracco

More Dolly photos




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