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"Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are" - Anonymous

Nice picture in the local paper about one of our training classes


Just good friends hanging out at a dog show

Sheree Moses, Karin, and Angela Howells


List of Alkarah  Champions


The Diet We Feed:

Puppies                                                              Adults
dogfood cartoon.jpg (53982 bytes)

Another cute cartoon

Article regarding needless vaccinations

Article on the dangers of (all too common) obesity in dogs: 

Puppy  Training

The most comprehensive site on dog training articles
(The most referred to training link on our site!)

Dr. P's Dog Training

The right steps

A good check list
Bringing your Puppy Home

Dealing with common problems in puppy’s first year
Dog Owner's Guide: Common 1st year problems

How to socialize your puppy
Dog Owner's Guide: How to socialize your puppy

A good puppy training source
Puppy Training by Perfect Paws

From the Monks of New Skete

Ten common behavior problems
Communication Problems

Guide to crate training
Raising your puppy

View a video of housetraining

From Dog Owners guide
The first six months

Interesting article
From a puppies perspective

"If you reach for your dog, and he gets away from you...playng 'catch me' 
 - you have been lowered to littermate status." -
Job Michael Evans

The Older Dog

The Road Ahead....Losing a Beloved Companion
Senior Dog Project

By request: Abbreviations used in our pedigrees       

Also, for those who would like to learn the basics: A beginner's guide to dog shows

  "German Shepherds" -  Dog Fancy magazine's Popular Dogs series  
  includes an article about Alkarah with pictures  
(Just published fall 2001) 




Karinand Puppy.jpg (59892 bytes)Photo of Karin and a puppy published in 
"The New Owner's Guide to German Shepherds," 


Heidi&Garthtrim.jpg (23229 bytes)

Our daughter Heidi (the "H" in Alkarah) 
and her Champion "Garth" 
(Ch Kismet-Pinebuck's Cowboy Logic OFA)

Garth MorrisEssex.JPG (44507 bytes)Ch Garth wins Best of Breed at the prestigious 
Morris and Essex Kennel Club Show !      

Heidi's new puppy                        
"Oliver" Alkarah's Oliver Twist
                                                            (GV CH Wayside's Honky Tonk Man OFA
                                                                    ex CH Alkarah's MIdnight Miracle OFA)

Oliver now 8 years old




Recommended Books

Just like humans, animals also have a bond – one of mutual tolerance and respect, affection, dependence, and love. Sometimes, this bond is even stronger than any bond with humans; a bond only understood by them, one that will never be broken. In author Susan Condreras’ Tails Of A Promise, she tells the touching “tail” about two dogs as seen through the lens of a camera.

Tails Of A Promise conveys the strong connection between two German shepherds that will be appreciated and understood by anyone who shares in this pictorial experience. The bond between Jesse and Rocket was the inspiration for this book, which portrays some very important life lessons. Readers will find themselves moved as they see pictures that reflect how one dog promises to take care, play with, guide, protect, and love the other.

Visit the website:  tailsofapromise.com



  "The" basic reference                                                    Invaluable for health                                                    
The German Shepherd Today      The Nature of Animal Healing

                   Common sense training                                    Interesting  
Mother Knows Best     How to Speak Dog  

 - especially if you've ever experienced a dog's unexplained abilities

 Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home...

The books are available online at both amazon.com and buy.com as well as other sites.   
The links are to Amazon because the description of each book is more complete.

Shop for your dog with your mouse, visit:

"Doggie" Shopping Mall

The AKC German Shepherd Dog Standard video
includes several Alkarah dogs, including Ch Alkarah's Michelob.
To view the sample, click below:

AKC video\gsd.mpeg

Photo of Rolo from the "German Shepherds" 1998 
desk calendar published by Andrews and McMeel. * 
One of more than 45 pictures of Alkarah dogs or 
 puppies included in the calendar.

        Photo of Rolo on a refrigerator magnet  and key chain.





To hear an exciting new message from the dogs,            For a translation of the new message,    
Click here                                                                    Click here


StarskyAsPuppy.jpg (65447 bytes)Starsky at 3 months. 
Published in "The German Shepherd Today"
by Wynn Strickland and Jim Moses.  
The untrimmed version shows Flo Boese handling and Herbie Merkel judging. 
Starsky went on to Best Puppy at the show.

                                                                                                 "PET PEEVE"          
DOG  QUOTES"                                               

  KarinandNadja.jpg (56438 bytes)One of the few times Karin handled at a point show.
        Shown here with Ch Belcani's Fortunata, 
one of a three champion litter sired by Starsky.



                                    "DOGGIE DIARY"

"You will not find my dog wasting his energy nursing a worry." - Alan Cohen

CalendarPuppies.jpg (30573 bytes) Alkarah puppies on a post card from "German Shepherds 
 - a Book of Postcards"  published by Andrews & McMeel*.  
 Several Alkarah dogs and puppies were included.

 "B" LITTER PICTURES"                       

     Featured photo from a 1988 local interest story
     about Alkarah published in the Hunterdon County weekly newspaper.

       (Photo included Karin, Al, and Starsky daughter Ch Belcani's Fortunata OFA, all smiling)

GenieCartoon1.jpg (29862 bytes)           
70's photo of Fritz, Zarra, and a puppy  


             (Click to enlarge) 

This is not here for any particular  
reason.  I just thought it was cute 


                               HAGAR's obedience training


Confidence.jpg (47170 bytes) Self Confidence!
This photo was sent to us by at least a half dozen people.
In case you haven't seen it, click the photo. 

* I don't know a lot about Andrews and
  McMeel Publishing, but they publish all
  the great Calvin & Hobbes books, and
  that's good enough for Heidi and me.

Click Calvin

eschew obfuscation!

(More "Stuff")