Adult Dog Diet


In response to a number of inquiries from people who have our dogs, the following is what we feed our adults.  We feed twice a day, so the following is split over two meals.

1 pound of raw* ground beef
    We use high quality ground beef which includes liver, heart, etc.  Inexpensive hamburger with a high fat content ( 20 to 25 percent) is a good alternative.   

2 to 3 cups of dry food   We currently ure using Purina Pro Plan Sport All Life Stages Performance 30/20 Salmon & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food.  A good  high quality natural dry food,  that is not grain free,  is recommended

1 Vitamin C 500 mg in each meal (Ester C is preferred)

The following are in one of the two meals:

1 Multi-vitamin  (Centrum, or equivalent)

1 Vitamin E 400 IU

1 Zinc Tablet 25 mg

Yogurt (approximately 1 tablespoon, given periodically)

Cottage Cheese/vegetables/leftovers/etc.  (Given periodically) 


Vitamins are soaked in warm water to dissolve, then meat, dry food, etc. are added and mixed.  (The vitamins we use are "people" vitamins, they are not "dog" vitamins which we find overpriced). 

A sampling of some better quality dry dog food brands with links to their websites:

        California Natural and Innova     


        Eagle Pack


        Life's Abundance Life's Abundance Premium Natural Health Food for Dogs

        Natural Life      

        Old Mother Hubbard       

        Solid Gold

        Taste of the Wild



About carnivores and Raw Meat 
* Article explaining the feeding of raw foods Nutrition 

**Innova and California Natural are available from Natura Pet Products, Inc.,

Older Dogs get Glucosamine - Chondroitin, or Fresh Factors natural food supplement tablets from Springtime, Inc.

For a good analysis of the ingredients in dog food click here: The Truth Behind Pet Food

 For an enlightening report from the Animal Protection Institute about what is really in dog food 
 click here  

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