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QUALITY is like oats,  
if you are satisfied with oats that have already been through the horse...
Then they come a little cheaper.


We've known that there are bear nearby for many years, but we have never seen them until November 21, 2007.
Three ran across the road and when the dogs started to bark they ran up the tree at the top of our driveway.  It was a
5 year old (tagged) mom and two 11 month old cubs.  They stayed in the tree from noon until well after dark.

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 Very special brother and sister co-bred by 
  Karin and Maryellen Kish 

             "Throbber"                                                                 "Abby"                 

throbber.jpg (45463 bytes)                                                     abby.jpg (89525 bytes)
    5 x Select                                                               Best in Show
  Ch Kismet's Heart Throb ROM OFA      Ch Kismet's Hearts-a-Fire Alkarah OFA 

  (Owned by Bob and Maryellen Kish)                                   (Owned by Lisa Correia)       

Throbber/Abby Pedigree    

"There are some simple truths…dogs know what they are."

What is a breeder


Link to some pictures of Karin judging      


A Breeder's Life

One of my favorite pictures of Karin,  karin.jpg (24055 bytes)                              
taken in Germany at a Sieger Show.                                                         


Philosophy Of A Dog

Pre-Alkarah photo of Karin & Al in 1974
at a Northern NJGSDC show 

(June Harris found the photo, those are her legs)  

Wanna' hear

 take your pick 

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Pop and Grandpop's Section

Here are some of the notable sires of our dogs.

Dallas and Jim.jpg (35143 bytes)

BIS AOE Sel Ex Am Ch/ Can Sel Ch Kismet's Sight for Sore Eyes TC PT ROM OFA 
(Full litter brother of Ch "Garth") 

 Click for more about Sight for Sore Eyes: 



GV Sel EX Ch Wayside's Honky Tonk Man ROM OFA 

Am GV Sel Ex / Can Sel CH Mar Haven's And The Beat Goes On RN TC OFA

R-Man photo.JPG (40134 bytes)

Am/Can GV Ch Welove Du Chien's R-Man ROM OFA 


quik-1.jpg (40723 bytes) 

AOE Am GV/Can Sel Ch Woodside Nestle Quick Merwestyn HT TC CGC ROM/C OFA


banker.jpg (105770 bytes)


Am/Can GV Ch Proven Hill's Banker of Altana TC ROM/C OFA


conan.jpg (100593 bytes)

Am Sel/Can GV Ch Hoheneichen Conan Survival ROM/C OFA  


Zeek.jpg (45229 bytes)

 Sel Ch Doppelt Tay Zeek v Stonehaven ROM OFA



Jim vom Fiemereck.jpg (20069 bytes)

             Am Ch/Can Sel VA Jim vom Fiemereck SchHIII Kkl1a ROM OFA  
Visit Jim's website:

Red October.jpg (58891 bytes)


 Sel Ch Breauhausen's Red October ROM OFA



Ch Kismet's Danger Zone OFA


Classic Peanuts

For those who think a German Shepherd Dog website
isn't complete without dogs gaiting across the page.....

Here ya' go!

click the dog, to see a bunch of gaiting dogs

R-Man GV Photo w Karin.jpg (97094 bytes)
Photo of GV R-Man, and Karin (sort of) as ring steward at the 1999 National.
Karin has been ring steward at the GSDCA National for more than 15 years.

Zepel zepel.jpg (40180 bytes)       
                  Emigrated with Karin, her mother, and brother from Germany               

You know you're a dog person when...                                             

ThrobberDiamond.jpg (59883 bytes)

Since so many people liked the Heart Throb/Diamond
litter picture, I couldn't take it off the site completely.

Bday Cake.jpg (35721 bytes)MORE! You know you're a dog person when...

Awesome birthday cake give to Karin by 
 Herb and Elsie Tarr of Tarrheim Kennels 

EVEN MORE!  You know you're a dog person when...

Karin & Starsky LSKC.jpg (42661 bytes)
Emotional photo of Karin from the New Haven Connecticut newspaper after
Starsky was awarded Best in Show over 2500 dogs at the Longshore-Southport KC show.   

For those who wonder why we've used purple highlights on this website, 
it's because the ribbons awarded to the winners at dog shows are purple.
We like purple!

And God created dog

A dog thinks: Hey, those people I live with feed me, love me, provide
me with a nice warm, dry house, pet me, and take good care of me....
They must be gods!

A cat thinks: Hey, these people I live with feed me, love me, provide
me with a nice warm, dry house, pet me, and take good care of me.....
 I must be a god.

More Dog versus Cat

"The problem with cats is that they get the same 
  exact look whether they see a moth or an ax-murderer."

Dog Ten Commandments     

"Speed is subsittute fo accurancy"

More Calvin 


weird huh?