Luca's Football story -  

From the Star-Ledger newspaper clipping Monday, October 16th:

Who let the dog out?  The Dunellen-Metuchen game was delayed fro about five minutes in the third quarter when a German shepherd broke free from his owner at Edgar Field in Metuchen and made a mad dash for the Dunellen huddle.  Owner and dog were reunited, order was restored and Dunellen went on to an 18-6 victory. 

From the accompanying note:  

"What the writer didn't know is that Luca was home; Jim was doing yard work and failed to close the gate.  The football field is down the block from our house; Luca and I practice our obedience there.  Luca heard the noise of the football game - it was homecoming weekend and he wanted to join the fun.  He absolutely loves playing football with my nephews.  He knows how to get on the field through the small gate opening - just like we enter to train!"