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For years we have maintained that dogs DO NOT NEED vaccinations for every disease known to man, rabies being the only exception.  That vaccinations stress, impair and damage the immune system.  That vaccinations cause all kinds of health problems such as allergies, skin problems, tumors and  on and on.

In yesterday's Wall Street Journal (July 31,2002) , there is an interesting article titled "Are Annual Shots Overkill?"  This article indicates that 'evidence is building that annual vaccination of dogs and cats performed for diseases like rabies, distemper and parvovirus, may not be necessary and could even be harmful. Recent and continuing studies at several universities suggest that protection from vaccines may last for years, which would make annual shots for some diseases a waste of money--at the very least.'

'Dr. Larry Glickman at Purdue University Vet School and his colleagues theorize  that repeated vaccination causes dogs to produce antibodies against their own tissue.'  Thus resulting autoimmune problems.

'In a policy statement last year, the American Veterinary Medical Association acknowledged that the practice of annual vaccinations is based on "historical precedent" and "not on scientific date".'   

How's this quote?   "Dr. Ronald Schultz, Chairman of the University of Wisconsin's Dept. of Pathobiological Sciences says "My own pets are vaccinated once or twice as pups and kittens, then never again except for rabies."    This is from a man who out to know who has probably seen hundreds and hundreds of necropsies.

Get this---'Pfizer, Inc. (a huge pharmaceutical company) decided to test its one-year rabies vaccine on live animals and discovered it lasted for at least three years.  It sells the identical formula simply packaged under different labels--one year and three years to satisfy different state vaccination requirements.'   Bet we would be thrown in jail if we pulled this stunt.